• Warning: Spoilers
    Sylvia Breamer was a beautiful Australian girl who got her start in J.C. Williamson's theatrical troop. Unlike other stock companies Williamson had a strong American connection and that's were Sylvia decided to go - to New York and not the West End. From the start she was appearing in stage productions and caught the attention of Thomas H. Ince. Everyone predicted a glowing future for her and "Unseen Forces" is a chance to see Sylvia in a leading role and surrounded by talented players.

    Born under a stormy sign Miriam Holt (Breamer) grows up with the nickname "the girl who could see around corners" - she has second sight and is a puzzle to the small farming community. When Clyde Brunton (a very youthful Conrad Nagel) renews his childhood friendship with her they imagine a sunny future but a misunderstanding (he returns unexpectedly to the house and sees her in the arms of a devoted cousin) sees him, a couple of years after, in a disastrous marriage (to a stately Rosemary Theby). Miriam goes to New York to see if she can develop her psychic gifts and an old friend Captain Stanley, who has always believed in her powers, throws a party for her and she comes face to face with Clyde. Thrown into New York society she not only has to deal with skeptics and Clyde's devotion but also "idler and trifler" Arnold Crane. The closer he gets the more powerful her psyche becomes
    • she knows that years before he had wronged a girl whose face is
    familiar to Miriam. The climax involves a test that the town's leading citizens force her to have that results in some ugly secrets being bought to the surface.

    This was one of the films found in a New Zealand vault - so apart from some disintegration it can be viewed just the same as it was seen by cinema audiences at the time. Sylvia Breamer was so pretty and really carried the movie - she was good!! Also the film benefited by Sidney Franklin's sensitive direction.

    Very Recommended.