• Warning: Spoilers
    A village baker is having a problem with rats in his bake house but his abrasive phone manner means he is put to the back of the queue when he rings the local authorities for help. He is finally given the number of a rat catcher but the man is an alcoholic and uses out dated methods - like potassium cyanide.

    Pretty unusual start for a tension packed film but the stars - Geoffrey Keen and Jane Hylton make it work as a very unlikely husband and wife, he dour and uncommunicative, she attractive and trying to get the marriage over a rough patch!! I think there was a bit too much time given to the rat catcher and his behavioral quirks but I realise it was establishing just why he used such antiquated and dangerous methods!!

    It's not "which is the poison bread" but one lonely loaf that has been baked in a broken pan which the workman used to mix the poison - he goes down to the pub intending to return later to clean up, becomes involved in an accident and never returns!! Gordon Jackson then makes his appearance as a harassed cop - initially Frisby muddies the waters when he realises his bakery could be shut down - then there is a bread hunt as the loaf's journey is tracked down!!!

    Very recommended.