• 'Jabberwocky' is a very low budget and small scale production which has nice handling from its director and production design. It also has a great cast of British comedy actors, the highlight this time being 'Dad's Army' veteran John Le Mesurier as a despairing Kings advisor and clearly a Chief minister or Court functionary. From here he gets to witness with resignation and calm reserve the films main concern: political satire. The top half, the better off, social superiors, social betters, the elite are shown to satirical comedic effect whereby the rich, successful, powerful and priveledged are shown in various degrees of uncomplimentary profiles! Greed and selfishness from merchants. Corruption from the Bishop. And undeserved and distant power for the king and utter naive credularity from the princess.

    The visual style is usually convincing and a few scenes, routines, gags and exaggerated characters promo mild humour. Sadly though with what we are used to from these talents it just isn't funny or original enough.

    A good cast, with one good role for Le Mesurier, solid direction and design means that 'Jabberwocky' is a decent but disappointing watch for devotees of the Pythons and underwhelming for general fans of period British comedy satire and parody.

    I rate at a watchable 4/10 and I recommend, with heavy reservations, to anybody who finds the cast and crew list or the plot synopsis interests them. Mainly other viewers, I'd guess, will find this insufficiently funny, original or grand to warrant a close watch.