• Warning: Spoilers
    I haven't fully understood the implication of the film until I read an illuminating article on DOUBAN. From my perspective,the trip of the cat seems existentialism,as he tried hard to rebel the absurd reality controlled by god at random,but it turned out that his hard work vanished in vain. And the animation also reflects the destiny that we all face--the cat would eat meat and be cruel and violent to others to survive ,since he ate the eyeball of the dead fish which had struggled through others' knives ,and he as well couldn't escape from the fate that he was doomed to lose everything. In addition,while the cat was traveling backwards,through the time tunnel where every tragedy hasn't happened ,car accident hadn't taken someone's life,war hadn't killed billions of people ...I saw the hope of human beings ,but it is just like a flash,fleeting away too soon. Well my feelings are too fragmental and lack of logic :(