• Warning: Spoilers
    What happens when five youthful, naive, optimistic people take a thousand mile adventure through rugged South Texas border wilderness? Well, you get some terrific footage of wild country and Western desert, which I love and appreciate as a lifetime South-Westerner. You also get endless preaching about how the southern border of the USA just cannot be spoiled by walls, fencing, or physical deterrents because it will ruin the environment and harm all the animals. This docu/program/propaganda shows zero footage of the filth and ruination of major stretches of desert lands by the steady tromp of illegal aliens and drug runners. Nor does it happen to show one incident of illegal aliens, or drug cartels sneaking across, which is odd, as that is an hourly occurrence in every southern border state. So if you are fine with a one-sided, child-like, Docu-Ganda telling you that enforcing US border security would be pretty much the end of the world for most of the ecology in the Southwest, while not achieving the goal for which its intended, then shut down your rational brain and enjoy the liberal sh** show.