• 27 March 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    That sums up the movie. Just... what? Okay then.

    There was no point to this. Nothing. It was just made to be made. Biggest waste of time I've ever sat through in my life. Nothing is explained and nothing happens.

    Seriously. Don't watch this if you're expecting some weird and bizarre movie with a twist. It's black mirror episode that was trashed and someone found the crumpled up sticky note of it and decided to make a movie with it.

    You can poke holes all you want into the "theme" or "art" of it; the "hidden" messages or "intellectual" understanding. I seriously think it was made to just be made.

    I love weird and bizarre movies. Even ones that are so far out there that many just can't tolerate. This, however, is nothing but time lapsed scenery with actors messing around.

    It was leading up to an interesting concept, to only leave you off with "THATS IT!?" It's like a pilot episode to a show that gets you hooked. But there's no following episode to continue the mystery because it's a movie.

    If you want to see Jesse being Jesse, watch. If you want to marvel at how beautiful and talented Imogen is, watch. All I got out of this movie, if I can come up with anything at all, is, wow, Imogen is a pretty woman and can convincingly act out any emotion well.

    Don't let people tell you this only for smart people to understand. It's not. It's an empty glass that's pretty to look at when you're thirsty.