• Warning: Spoilers
    What more could I say about this film that has not already been said. Well i shall just tell you how i feel about the film. I think it is still a classic. Janet Leigh puts in a really good performance as someone who has stolen from her boss and looking to run away. The shower scene I think still has the power to shock it was crazy to consider killing off a main character so early. The real star of the film is of course Norman Bates played chillingly and charmingly by Anthony Perkins. He is the young loner who owns the bates motel, says he lives with his mother. The score by Bernard Hermann is one of the great scores in movies. The film is really suspensful if you have not seen it before. But it is always great to revisit a classic even if you have seen it many times. Hitchcock was a true master and this was one of his best films.