• Even if everything in this series IS true, and there is worse, that makes his rise to the Presidency even more astounding to me. What bothers me is Netflix, and their puppetmaster-in-residence, having the 'audacity of an I'm-better-than-you" mentality when it comes to running this. Everybody under heaven knows there would be an even juicier series on barack obama, if someone other a republican or conservation (cause then it would be branded a right-wing conspiracy and nothing more) undertook the effort to show us the "real" obama, and the sordid connections he formed during his rise to POTUS., Except we'll never see a treatment like this geared toward him. The O-man would be fawned over, to the degree of putrid sentimentality...and everyone would walking on egg shells not to offend the first HALF-African;American president in this country's history. What galls me as a black man is that the fragileness of my people's psyche was on full display for 8 years during that fiasco...and now, even though the the lame stream media has real threads that they can follow (such as the Steele dosier) that could unveil how obama (along with hillary) and their ilk conspired to overthrow Donald Trump's election. Something that, if it ever came to light, would overshadow anything revealed about The Donald in the series. But we will never know, will we? Because obama's on the left, and he gets to sit back, smoke weed, and throw rocks at a better President, because he's a smaller man. Everything obama does is sleight of hand. At least Trump has had the unbridled gall to allow us to see his true nature. That's what bothers me about this treatment. It reeks of obamanism. Which is weak and whiny.