• Wally Brown and Alan Carney aren't real detectives, they just play detectives on their radio show. But sometimes they venture into true crime. And on one program they razz the police about their failure to capture The Cobra a Jack the Ripper type fiend who operates at will.

    Even famed criminologist Lionel Atwill can't help. But since he is The Cobra that's understandable. Brown and Carney are guests at the Atwill estate and if those torture devices in his basement didn't give them a clue I don't know what would have.

    Genius At Work takes from both Abbott&Costello features Who Done I and Hold That Ghost. Bud&Lou did it a whole lot better. Still Genius At Work has some funny moments. The best being when they are trying out the devices in Atwill' horror chamber.

    Bela Lugosi is also in the film as Atwill's butler and sidekick fiend. I wish Lugosi had been the criminal mastermind though.

    Brown&Carney were a pair of character players that RKO teamed to create their own Bud and Lou. After a few films Brown and Carney went back to their individual careers.

    No recreating the magic that was Bud and Lou.