• Warning: Spoilers
    Let's face it, every now and then there is a movie that is so entertaining that you will be willing to dismiss its shortcomings. Mausoleum is definitely one of them.

    The story goes like this: traumatized by her mom's death, a girl runs off in a cemetery and ends up in her family's mausoleum. The same demonic force that took her mom away from her and many other people in her bloodline has now possessed her.

    Fast forward about a few years, this girl is grown up into a woman oh, and she seems normal. But the same demonic possession that claimed her mother's life when she was a little girl has now started its work on her. Bizarre accidents and deaths seem to surround her, and it's up to her husband and her psychiatrist to retrieve a crown of thorns from the family mausoleum to place upon her and expel the demon forever and save not only her life but her soul as well.

    For an exploitation movie from the early 80s oh, this had some pretty cool effects for a low budget Exorcist clone. Yes it's not well acted, and there are major plot holes, but you will have so much fun watching this you won't even mind.