• Warning: Spoilers
    A 1923 comedy mystery movie from Denmark. The titles were very satirical, I found myself laughing out loud - some of the jokes I didn't quite get until they were almost gone but it was because they were witty and the titles played around with some of the scenes.

    Erik Brandt is an ace reporter with shot nerves because he has just apprehended a murderer - he's a wreck!! but back at his flat with the prospect of 2 weeks leave he looks out and thinks he sees another!! Worse is to come - now a jittery mess he visits the seaside and his friend introduces him to Joan - the prettiest girl on the beach and he recognises her as being the assailant. Williams, his policeman friend is working on another murder so Erik thinks he will help by bringing in Joan!! Of course by this time they have fallen in love with each other so Erik tries to protect her even to the extent of going to the police station and confessing himself!! All to no avail - Joan has committed a crime she feels she will never live down - but it's not murder!!

    Gorm Schmidt was very good as the intrepid Erik and although his career only lasted until the end of the silents he was famous for his portrayal of David Copperfield. Olga Belajeff was the beauteous Joan and she was lovely. Again, another casualty of sound, she appeared in Italian, Danish and German movies.