• Graham Greene was pleased to have written 'a light-hearted story with a happy ending' something of a first for him and was keen to write a film treatment, modelling the generous but forgetful tycoon Dreuther on Alexander Korda, with whom he had a friendly relationship. He later concurred with the general opinion that the film was a failure, but if he wanted a reason why he only had to look in the mirror. The plot is thin, including reliance on that old chestnut a workable scheme to triumph in a casino. Rossano Brazzi had his critics but is hard to see how Greene's preference Alec Guinness or anyone else could have got much more out of the role. There are compensations in the attractive photography of Monte Carlo and the agreeable performances from Glynis Johns, Robert Morley and not forgetting Joyce Carey in more extrovert mode than usual.