• The Legend Of The Bones: Inspector Salazar is back. In this connected sequel Amala is investigating a series of murders where women are killed and an arm cut off, the killers then commit suicide. Someone is taunting the inspector, the killers leave her notes with the word Tartallo, a fabled killer of Christians. In a parallel case churches are being desecrated, bones left, it seems to be connected to the persecution of the Cagots by the RCC and The Inquisition. The Cagot community practiced Folk Magic and were accused of being witches. WE see flashbacks of Cagots being burned. Salazar has her own problems: her mother is violently insane; her aunt reads Tarot Cards and sees doom approaching; she has a newly born baby. Another Fortean tale set in the Basque Country, CSI labs in old cavernous buildings, bones found in a cave, dark foresrs. An Opus Dei priest/psychiatrist who believes real evil is at work in the area. Based on a novel by Dolores Redondo, second in the Baztan Trilogy. Director Fernando González Molina working from a screenplay by Luiso Berdejo delivers an engaging dark thriller. In Spanish, English and Basque, subtitled. On Netflix. 8/10.