• Warning: Spoilers
    Man, what a letdown! Even >The Invisible Guardian wasn't all that compelling, we have to admit that. The problem is that, with this new feature, the authors simply kept on doing the same mistakes as before. They learned nothing. And so, being things as they are, we are presented with a so-called mystery feature film that not only doesn't make all that sense but also doesn't really come to an end, given the final cliffhanger that leaves us questioning (or maybe just wondering whether it's worth to watch another 2-hour movie like this one that would probably not make any sense either...).

    To sum it up, I would say that, just like in the previous movie:
    • The main character, the detective, well... she doesn't seem to do all that much: she just basically keeps on wandering without doing any real police work. Work that she lets her colleagues do while she keeps herself busy by making Skype calls with her "FBI friend", breast-feeding and listening to some "sensations" of hers.

    • The "witch/black magic" plot it's not only cliched but "ominously" ridiculous, and of course had to have something to do with the crazy mother of the detective (you'll see that coming if you have seen the previous movie...)
    Furthermore, like in >The Invisible Guardian the esotheric is just basically thrown in as to try to make things more interesting and thrilling but just ends up dragging the all movie down minute after minute. It's confusionary and very much left unexplained (Why the scene at the beginning? Why little town of Betzan is supposed to be riddled with witches and dark cult followers? And, by the way, who the hell are this cult followers that some old friend of the detective's mother suddenly bring to her attention and then disappear from the narrative (we should suppose because they want to make the next movie about them...)? We could go on with examples of unanswered questions for another hour.

    This is a truncated movie with no real ending. It's a frustrating feature because of its sometimes lackluster plot and frequent plot holes and unfinished narrative. Also because of the bad acting and the almost total absence of suspense (the only exception to this being the last few minutes).

    So, if you wanna see an unfinished and convoluted thriller that'll leave you lingering 'till the next movie comes out well, help yourself. You'll be well served. But, on the other hand, if you like well-rounded thrillers that pack real surprises and that are able to connect all the dots together nicely, that are able to wrap the all narrative up in a satisfying and logical way well, give this movie a pass.