• The trailer might trap you but this drama isnt well written or well edit.

    -The drama of this show, consists of one formula: Female or male main character will have to choose between 2 "complicated" situations that are happening at the same time in different places.

    -The female character, in order to stop the drama and her apparent "anxiety" attacks, is to confess her love, that's it... that's literally it, but she cant because then there would be no show.

    -The male main character, in order to be happy or have a normal life, is to quit his job, but he cant because then, there would be no drama to built into, ergo no show.

    -The main source of drama in this show, is the male main character's family. I dont know why but seems like the author is incredibly lazy to make actual human characters. They are out of this world, seriously, I havent seen characters that 'pure' of how dumb and evil they are, that they feel so unrealistic.

    In short, this show is a pain to watch, most of the time, you would ask yourself what happened in certain scene, since they will cut into an important that the spectator actually needs to watch, to understand the personality of a character. Is also worth notice that they will move back and forward in the timeline in order to give more "punch" to the climax of the drama of an episode. Dont bother to watch this, seriously.

    -Bad characters -Bad editing -Awfully writing