• This film begins with a man by the name of "Trinity" (Harry Baird) being released from a small town jail for being wrongly accused of horse theft. As it turns out, the man who stole the horses was a white man with blonde hair and Trinity definitely doesn't fit that description. Not long after he is released he subsequently meets up with a man named "Sartana" (Robert Widmark) who just happens to be the same person who stole the horses. Together they ride out to their next destination to rob a bank that just received a cashbox full of money. What they don't know is that a wealthy member of this town by the name of "Mr. Burton" (Stelio Candelli) has already devised a plan to steal this shipment and doesn't like it when these two men acquire the money first. So to prevent a future theft from going awry he hires the services of a gang of Mexican bandits led by "El Tigre" (Ezio Marano) to help him out. But as notorious as El Tigre might be he has no idea of the abilities the two men he will have to face. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was a rather haphazard Spaghetti Western which relied upon humor as a key element. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work very well as the comedy wasn't very sharp at all. As a matter of fact, if not for the presence of two beautiful actresses like Beatrice Pellegrino (as Burton's wife "Maribel") and Daniela Giordano ("Martha") I would have rated this film even lower as they were the only bright spots to be found.