• Warning: Spoilers
    I became a huge Barnaby Jones fan in the last couple of years. I purchased the entire series on DVD. Sadly, apart from the first season and a few other episodes, the syndication cuts of the show were released. With that said, the DVD set was well worth it. From the first episode, I was hooked. There were so many strong episodes in the first season. Buddy Ebsen is the main reason to watch this show. He bring a wonderful laid back style with charm and humor as he solves the cases. And his favorite drink is Milk! I loved that part of it. Lee Meriwether plays his daughter in law, Betty. Her husband is killed in the series premiere. He was also a detective. This is what get Barnaby back from retirement. As the series progressed, Betty's roled increased. Buddy and Lee had great chemistry from the start. Lee stated that she loved Buddy and mentioned what a wonderful person he was and how he treated the crew with respect and kindness. By season 5, Barnaby's relative J.R. Jones(Mark Shera) is added to the cast. He fits in perfectly to the show and adds a little youth to the show. By season 7 & 8, Betty and J.R. were allowed to carry certain episodes. Buddy Ebsen had the idea to let them be more a part of the show. The show lasted 8 wonderful years and it will remain one of the best shows to be on tv. I have no interest in tv shows today. They just don't hold my interest and some of them are offensive, crude or political. No need for that stuff to tell a great story and be entertaining.