• Warning: Spoilers
    Act 1 - 8.1

    Act 2 - 8.4

    Act 3 - 9.4

    This is a life changing moment in American history that I am glad to have learned about

    Presented perfectly through archive footage at the camp by some of the campers and photos and news coverage

    Film opens by introducing us to the campers and counselors at Camp Jened

    We learn about the impact of the camp on everyone and the bonds that were formed

    Camp gave these kids a platform to belong and express themselves and gain confidence to use in the real world

    Judy took the inclusive philosophy and and used it to lead protests in NY, LA and DC to fight for the rights of disabled individuals

    Shows the incredible lengths that were taken to fight for their rights and the significance of their moments of triumph

    Film is very emotional and hit me very hard

    A beautiful film that teaches acceptance and shows that anybody can do anything

    Camp Jened really did help change the world and got laws paced in the American government to make the world a better place

    A must watch to learn, experience and feel

    60's kids being sent to institutions with disabilities

    Summer camp run by hippies for kids with disabilities, changed lives

    Camp near Woodstock in NY

    Camp Jened

    Great footage from the camp

    Camp evolved from 50's to 60's to 70's to let kids be kids in the time and explore their freedom and coward way of thinking

    Footage from one of the campers

    About the counselor and the kids and the bonds

    Free flowing place

    Kids weren't integrated in normal classes and were put in special classes

    About acceptance and understanding

    Does focus on the kid who filmed a lot of the stuff

    Romances bloomed

    Current interviews looking at the past

    Crab outbreak

    Kids are pretty funny too, real personalities

    Awesome community that built

    Disability act wasn't passed yet and could keep out people because of it

    Kids express their feelings and are open about them, no judgement

    Sad when the summer camp would end and they had to leave their utopia to go back to the judgmental real world

    Hard going back to the real world that is against them

    One of the handicapped counselors gets news time for her political group to try and improve their lives

    Judy started the group to try and help others

    In NY see a piece on the terrible treatment of disabled kids in a hospital that is understaffed, horrible, heart breaking

    The disabled institutions are truly heart breaking to see the mistreatment

    Rehabilitation act of 72, section 504 an anti discrimination law against anybody, Nixon vetoed it because of cost

    Disabled Inaction led by Judy started a protest in NY cutting off streets, awesome

    All while Vietnam is going on so not much cover on them as all media is focused on the war

    Protests are beautiful, fighting for equal treatment

    Nixon signs the rehab bill but don't enforce section 504 which is supposed to help them

    So many awesome stories and people connected to this camp and the Revolution

    Berkeley became a great place for people from Jened, great place for disabled people

    CIL in Berkeley was a new great place to help disabled people, the camp basically reunited there

    Just wanted to live normal lives and got that opportunity in Berkeley

    In 77 still fighting for section 504 with more protests

    People didn't want to pay the money to make buildings accessible

    Sustain a demonstration in the HEW headquarters to try and get their rights even though they try to force them out

    Black Panthers helped with their protest because they are fighting for the same thing

    Another reunion of people from Jened fighting for change

    Judy made sure everybody was heard, great leader

    Local media ignored the event except for one reporter who actually cared, helped get the word out there

    Same fight as Brown vs Board of Education, just want to be equal

    Emotional fight

    Judy gives an amazing speech

    Day 15 some leave the protest to go try and see the president, lead by Judy

    FBI continues to mess with people protesting in San Fran 22 days

    Awesome archive footage and photos

    Paints a picture of the story beautifully

    ABC finally shows the footage of the protests, national coverage now

    Day 24 the regulations were signed, national coverage made the change

    No fan gate but got the job done that would change their lives

    Let handicapped people into public schools

    Made the US government sign in a law, incredible

    Federally funded places must be wheelchair friendly, so insane they changed the world

    Had to fight Regan administration years later to make sure the rules were enforced, only made federally funded building follow the rules

    Fight continues

    Try to get a bill into congress to cover everywhere and everyone 1990

    Americans with Disabilities Act 1990 passed by George HW Bush after more fighting

    Everyone now equal under law it still need society to be accepting

    Go back to the site of the camp that changed the world

    51-77 the camp was open

    Everyone goes back and sees each other

    Larry Allison creates the amazing camp

    Judy worked with the government to keep things goin and advancing for others