• I would really like to give this show a perfect 10. There are a number of elements that make A Certain Scientific Railgun an excellent viewing experience. Everything from all that is Academy City, the characters and supporting cast, (English dub) voice acting, soundtrack/score, character design, animation and the lore are all fantastic. I really love the script & the way it's written, there are just so many lines and moments that stick with you. Similarly, I love the characters and the strong convictions they hold, they have such strong wills, it's impressive.

    There *really* aren't a lot of things I can complain about when it comes to this show. With that being said, making your way through the series can get confusing.

    First off, being someone that watched the other shows based in Academy City, there are episodic storylines that are revisited and almost copied completely. Second, season two almost takes the way of loosely rebooting. I'm not too sure why the show was written in this way. I understand wanting to explain Mikoto's hardships, because when we met her in A Certain Magical Index, it was almost at the climax of her complication. But with creating the sister series, was it not decided to do backstory initially? It feels a lot like backtracking, or like someone wrote an entire story and got a lot of pages mixed up.

    All in all, even with the timeline choppiness, I would still recommend this show to anyone that was looking for a good anime. It checks a lot of boxes in terms of genre in my opinion, and it's a good time, genuinely. I'm looking forward to more Railgun.