• I must have watched atleast a couple of hundred foreign language films and I am a fairly fast reader but this was the first time I found it difficult to keep track of a movie by reading the subtitles. The fact that I was not aware that this is the second movie in a trilogy could have also been one of the factors.

    Women are ending up dead with an arm amputated in the Basque region of Spain and Inspector Amaia Salazar is assigned the responsibility of catching the perpetrator. As a whodunnit it's nothing spectacular but the atmosphere of rural Spain adds to the intrigue. There is a supernatural element to the novels that the movie is based upon and that was definitely a downer atleast for me. Amaia Salazar calling her FBI instructor for guidance is largely cribgeworthy. The English conversations between Amaia and her boyfriend feel really out of place. I watched it just day before yesterday and truth be told I have forgotten most of what happens. It's an alright movie.