• Cyd Charisse is Shelley, whose husband has gone missing in Rome, so she goes to the embassy to report it. and at the same time, a dead body has turned up near the Trevi Fountain. the dashing Hugh OBrian from the embassy goes to speak with the wife to see what he can find. and a sub plot where we follow two bumbling burglars around. the english dubbing of what the foreign actors are saying is pretty over-done and just silly. When the thieves steal a pair of shoes, they find "something" hidden in the heel, so they go about trying to fence it. although they're not even sure what it is. one of the dubbed voices sure sounds like Jim Backus (Thurston Howell III !) This one moves pretty slowly around the middle, but then it picks up! we go all over italy chasing clues. some similarities to Charade. turns into a spy thriller. kind of. i caught this one on AMC channel.. the cast list is incomplete on imdb, so it must not be shown very often. directed by Silvio Amadio.. he directed 24 films. Oh, and the Italian title of this film is "The secret of the red dress." and there actually is a red dress. it's not bad. dubbing is kind of silly.