• The length was one of my top reasons to pick this film for a casual viewing on Netflix. Man, this is one of the worst action movies I've ever seen. I am a big fan of the genre and don't care about critic/audience ratings at all, but this movie was so dull that I had no idea why I even thought of giving it a watch.

    The action was decent, but couldn't save the movie. Performance wise, a strictly average one. Story wise, a complete disappointment. There's no intrigue and the movie is thoroughly dull. Again, aside from a few action scenes, the story is merely humdrum and boring. It saves the best part for some last 10 minutes or something, but it's too late to make that count.

    All in all, Gun is a bad action movie. Fans of the genre won't be the only ones disappointed. Those expecting just a fine watch seeing Val Kilmer in the cast would be too. Giving it 1/5 only because of some action.