• Anyone who's followed him over the years will know that he's always been the same. He figured out the way the world of finance worked and was given a toehold in the construction industry by his Dad. He learned how to be ruthless and learned how to deal with the sharks in the world of property development, finding out very quickly that a promise in that business is as reliable as a frayed rope.

    You have to cut him some slack in his early days for the way he chased the chicks and played the tycoon, most of the guys I knew when I was that age would have been even worse because they were all piss tanks... the Donald didn't and doesn't drink.

    And so this doc follows him through his flights and his crashes.

    What the majority of people don't seem to realize is that these experiences made him more qualified than any lawyer or academic to run the country because he knows that you have to back up threats with consequences. He's been screwed over by the best of them in both the development and the entertainment business and has been flayed alive by the press...

    Yet, he's survived it all and risen to The President's job. That's some kind of achievement, whether you like it or not and whether you like HIM or not.

    Most people too,, don't realize that you can't be nice as a politician and be successful.

    You have to be decisive, and sometimes ruthless, because there's always someone on the opposite side of the issue who wants it done their way and thinks their way is better. If you show any sort of indecision you'll get trampled by the herd

    He has to hide these qualities and make sure he doesn't come across as an ill-tempered individual. You have to work on a reputation as a battler who likes to get things done and let them know there'll be trouble if you piss him off.

    He's mostly driven by a winners and losers mentality and I don't think there's much room in his mind for things like Social Conscience.

    I think it's fair to say that he can't stand idiots..... and politics is ground zero for them.

    My take on him is that if you are a hardworking and responsible citizen then you'll be able to benefit from his policies.

    As for his morals and his women chasing, well there's been many worse than him in public life and let he who is without sin from the great unwashed ... cast the first stone.

    Quite a good series, if a little shallow but it's worth a watch if you want to understand the man's motivations a bit more.