• Race against time, missing plutonium, Impending nuclear attack, double-Crossing and plenty of action. You wont remember much afterwords but you will have a good time while it lasts. The job of a movie like this is to thrill you, and this incarnation of Mission: Impossible gets the job done. Everything about Fallout is bigger and better. Every element that has made this franchise so successful is present here.The charming cast, humor, over-the-top storytelling, death-defying stunts and intense action, which are the best choreographed of the entire franchise. But this time around there is also some heart, something that could not be said of the earlier films. At this point the cast is like family and they are working like a well-oiled machine. Cruise, the ageless wonder, is in top form. Pegg, brings his usual humor and Ferguson, is sexy, smart and tough. They are helped by a strong supporting cast. Fallout does have a couple of minor drawbacks; most notably the performance of Henry Cavill, which was not all that convincing. But on the whole, it's a thoroughly entertaining action extravaganza. It's not quite on the same level as Mad Max: Fury Road but if you were going to make a list of the top action pictures of the decade, Fallout would most certainly be on that list.