• Warning: Spoilers
    NOTE: The following is a synopsis that describes the plot. I did not see the whole film, but the 10m or so that I did see thanks to Mostly Lost matches the beginning of this plot which I believe makes this a significant find. SPOILERS: Bud Randall, the son of an invalid widow, takes a liking to gambling, and after her death he is raised by gambler Jim Carew. Carew's premature death, for which Randall holds a member of the clergy responsible, turns the boy against religion. Years later, Randall (William S. Hart) runs a casino in a tough Western town. Frank Hamilton, an ailing minister, arrives in Randall's town but finds that Randall's opposition to religion prevents the townspeople from attending his services. In a suicidal gesture, the sick Hamilton slaps Randall's face, but Bubbles, a dance hall girl and Randall's sweetheart, intervenes to save Hamilton's life. Bubbles nurses Hamilton back to health, and Randall permits Hamilton to hold a Sunday service at the casino. During a gunfight between Randall and a ruffian called The Horned Toad, Hamilton steps in front of a bullet aimed at Randall, who then allows Hamilton to conduct, with his dying breath, the marriage ceremony for him and Bubbles. Converted to religion, Randall closes his casino.