• Warning: Spoilers
    George Valentin played beautifully by Jean Dujardin is a silent film star who is on top. Then talkies come along and he meets a young aspiring actress called Peppy Miller played really well by Berinice Bejo. His career is on the way down hers is on the way up. I think this film is beautifully shot the cinematography is fantastic with great L.A locations. The costumes are terrific and the score is great. I liked the film when it came out but revisiting again almost ten years later made me appreciate it more. It is a great ode to classic films of the silent era. You feel for Valentin as a silent actor whos career slips away because of talkies. It is a real thing that happened to a lot of silent actors of the day. I really think they film worked having it as a silent film. The direction was great and the acting top notch. I really enjoyed watching this again. I do highly recommend it.