• How can anyone not like this super cheap, corny, down-market effort riding on the success of Raquel Welch's big studio "Kansas City Bomber"? But this is the raw, real deal. Playmate and B movie queen Claudia Jennings is a young working-class girl with ambitions of fame and fortune as a roller derby queen. To do so she must fight to the top, both figuratively and literally, desperately looking for love along the way. Of course, all of her competition is equally attractive. Louis Quinn is amusing as their manager, obsessed with "Showmanship" above all. Kathleen Freeman (Mother Superior in "Blues Brothers") plays Miss Jennings' mom, briefly and beautifully, and Alan Limt (Macon County Line) is her girlfriend's boyfriend. Lots of mirth and mayhem on the rink from a rogues' gallery freakshow of secondary characters . No SAG paid extras here, all the audience are honest to goodness real life rabid derby fans. The poster says "A Locker Room Look at the Toughest Broads in the World" Damn straight!