• Let me just say, this is NOT a feel good Trump series. Definitely a hit piece, be prepared. What I loved about this series is the same thing I Loved about the book The Art of the Deal. They both prove that Donald J Trump is and always has been exactly the same man. Has always thought the same way, spoke the same way, dressed the same way, had the same hand motions (fist pump in the air), same optimism and same vision. He takes after his mom in the way he speaks and he shares her unwavering faith that all will be great. Therefore, those who aren't fans today might try learning by reading the books. A note about the music: I didn't notice any music at all until Ep 4. Man, is it depressing doom music. And it goes on & on, like the Death Doom third "Ding-Dong" in Christmas Vacation, only over and over and over again. Really obvious and way over done.