• Terrible, which is very disappointing given how impressive the original is.

    Michael J. Fox's departure as Milo immediately lowers the expectancy of the film, as does the instant sign of the animation being inferior. The plot starts off mildly interesting, even if it does feel like a 'What's New, Scooby-Doo?' story, but quickly loses it with two poor plots.

    It is one rounded off premise, though it's practically still that annoying multiple stories rolled into one thing that Disney so often do for sequels. The film takes place, almost entirely, away from Atlantis which is utterly pointless. I had expected we'd see more of the world we left in the 2001 production, sadly they immediately revert back to the 'real world' which is massively less intriguing.

    None of the voice cast or the characters themselves are memorable, they force a new one called Obby, a lavadog, into the mix which doesn't work whatsoever; he is just used to advance the plot at one particular point.

    As you can tell, I didn't like 'Atlantis: Milo's Return' at all. Everything from the animation to the pacing is just so bad, in my opinion of course.