• The obnoxious presence of Randy Spears keeps this Jonathan Morgan-directed dud from qualifying as having an all-female cast but it certainly set back the cause of Lesbian cinema (which 15 years later is at a peak in popularity).

    The six dumb vignettes are all introduced by Spears (sans credit), adopting a hokey Southern accent and delivering cliches as if auditioning for a reboot of the tv series of yesteryear "Hee Haw".

    Julia Ann stars, seemingly enjoying the down and dirty approach as contrasted with her usually patrician image on screen. She even battles Flower Tucci in a silly "Foam Wrestling" recalling (a bit) that old I Love Lucy bit of an out of control washing machine rather than pornography. Why Morgan didn't present mud wrestling or even oil wrestling as a blue collar fantasy is a mystery.

    Julia also teams up with Nicole Sheridan in a ridiculous skit calle "Snyp Hunt" shooting off AK-47s before humping each other.

    Similarly a couple of babes finger each other atop the hood of a souped-up Camaro in "Grease Monkeys". All this and irritating outbursts from Randy -sort of anti-entertainment.