• 30 July 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this movie knowing next to nothing about it, the trailer looked interesting but seeing less than great reviews, I didn't have high expectations. Well what a pleasant surprise. I watch a lot of romance movies these days and this storyline is so unique and has so much depth compared to almost anything else I've watched lately. I suppose I can see some of the criticism of the acting, mostly in some of the supporting actors...but Jake and Josie are both fantastic. The writing is so rich, I particularly loved the dynamics between Josie and Jake's kids. Their chemistry started slow and I appreciated that. I was a bit surprised and put off initially with the locker room scene...talk about going from zero to 100 lol...but after finishing the movie I think it all makes sense. I loved so many things about this movie, the stunning visuals of the surrounding area, Josie's wardrobe is fantastic... Lavender House (swoon)... but the thing I loved most was Jake. The way he cared for Josie, stood up for her... a real father to his children. I'm not sure men like him actually exist, but this entire movie was was a pure joy to watch.