• I fixed the description of Immigration Nation: Come with us, we will show you personal stories of illegals to drawn on your emotions so you totally forget they are illegals in hopes you will be ok with people breaking the law to come here. Watch as we make it seem like breaking the laws is an acceptable thing in a democracy where laws exist for a reason.

    In the end we hope you will stand with us to just get rid of any law so we can open up borders with no requirements whatsoever. So we can flood they country with so many illegals that we will still continue to complain about how the country has no money and can't keep up.

    Just remember viewers, if you come in the legal way, you are an idiot wasting your time and money. You could have just came here illegally for free and then for all kinds of freebies for it. Oh and lets remind you to blame Trump even though these laws always have existed and we leave out the fact that more illegals were captured and deported under Obama's 8 year presidency.