• So, this is only out for a few days and these reviews are already bonkers from both sides. I'll try to be objective as this doc-series was on a very divisive issue.

    I think the biggest takeaway from this series is how our policies and bureaucracy have such a high toll on people in complex situations. It humanized the immigrants. It showed what troubles they face from both legal immigration to undocumented, illegal immigration. Families ripped apart. Decades of life uprooted from where they now call home. A veteran who is here illegally so he can be with his family. It also humanized some of the immigration officers. An ICE agent with a family who empathized with the subject and let them tell their family goodbye. A CBP agent who saved an undocumented border crosser from dehydration and possibly death.

    For the "outrage" that this is liberal propaganda, please just consider that this film is not a Michael Moore piece with some huge narrative. It presents real situations from real people. Most of this was filmed recently, so it shows people affected by the current administration's policies. It didn't only show illegal immigrants either. It showed asylum seekers who were also trying to enter correctly, and what hurdles they faced. However, it also pointed out that the previous administration deported more than any before him, as well as issues with the current immigration laws and policies enacted under Clinton. Episode 6 has a very pro-CBP stance. Shows many of the officers are there to stop human trafficking. Sad to see the true nature of a lot of that is related to organized crime, and it's good that CBP is working on that.