• Warning: Spoilers
    I should have turned this off when they spotted a supposed crocodile in a river and the following close-up gives away any illusion that it could have been alive.

    I will give the filmmakers props for having the balls to try and pull this off, but it just made it look cheap: the dino puppets as nice as it was to see practical effects instead of CGI, still moved like puppets with no weight or life to them. The exotic pet store animals were a nice touch but a little too on the nose, and it seems no one was fooled into thinking this production ever once stepped foot in Peru.

    I was confused by the first dinosaur encounter, when it enters their camp at night, because it seemed as though Michelle and James were the only ones to wake up and notice? The next morning it seemed the others had no clue.

    The morning after the final dinosaur attack James and Michelle film the dino eating one of the crew from up on some rocks, it's daylight and we see the dinosaur in full view. In the next scene they reunite with the Professor and he asks what they saw and James says it was too dark (implying only what they saw during the night attack) and they didn't get a good enough look, but yet we just saw it in broad daylight a second ago. And why was James dressed like he'd just been playing footy with his mates and not like he was an experienced documentary filmmaker in the jungles of Peru?

    As for the acting, it seemed in parts as though there wasn't a script to follow and more so just story beats the actors had to hit, you can tell when an actor is thinking up their next line when they leave big gaps or repeat themselves a lot.

    The ending was typical of found-footage movie.

    Could've also been a shorter runtime.