• An example (and poor one at that) of the peril of shooting two-fers in this long-running series, as we get 5 minutes of recap footage from #11 showing lots of story line plotting, and then have 80 minutes of pointless footage constituting #12, devoid of continuity or point.

    Joel Lawrence runs the lifeguard station at Pirates Cove, and worries about Kelly (star Bridgette Kerkove) who went nuts in the last episode at the death of her surfer lover Lee Stone. None of what follows makes much sense, just Joel cracking bad jokes; former boss of the 'guards Amber Lynn showing up and humping Joel, plus tons of outdoor sex by the likes of flat-chested cutie Pebbles (sounds like a character from "The Flintstones" but is played by Genie Rivers and pretty Farrah. Briana banks is kidnapped by Voodoo, who affects a lousy accent to play terrorist Voodoo, and she gets serviced by him, preferring that to being saved by Kerkove.

    Herschel Savage gets to have sex with Shasta, an obscure actress whose full figure makes her resemble a short version of Brigitte Nielsen.