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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just recently saw He Got Game from 1998 for the first time. I took a long time to see this movie, but I am glad now I finally have. The film is about Jake Shuttlesworth played very well by Denzel Washington who accidentally kills his wife in a domestic dispute. He has a son called Jesus played by NBA star Ray Allen in a great performance. He has to convince Jesus to join a big state college so he can get a shorter jail sentence.

    The film develops the father/son relationship very well over time. I thought the performances were great and had many other Spike Lee's trademark images. It also has a great soundtrack. The film at its heart was more about the father and son relationship than playing basketball. You can see the way a young high school player is being recruited and how buzz over a young player gets created. Its not often a high school star goes to straight to the NBA, but there are exceptions such as Kevin Garnett and the late great Kobe Bryant. I found this film very moving and I think it is a great part of Spike Lee's incredible catalogue of films.