• Warning: Spoilers
    Jake was a complicated character, different than other psycho's in Lifetime movies, he didn't steal from the mother, didn't harm her until the end and stood to gain nothing. All he wanted was a relationship with the mother, seemed to genuinely care for her. True, he killed 2 people in the movie but, that makes him more complicated. I felt for him because he had no family nor friends, he seemed lonely and he was mentally ill. He was on clozapine and lithium carbonate, not sure if he was taking his meds. He said he felt alone and he thought he found someone who cared about him, but she was using him. Again, great movie with complex characters. One thing bothers me a little about all Lifetime movies, I hate how they portray mental illness, it's like all people who are mentally ill are crazy or dangerous, which is totally not true. Aside from that, I enjoy complicated characters, Jake for some reason reminds me of Secret Window Mort.