• A middle-aged professional woman goes to buy from a different drug-dealer while her regular is out of town. She meets 19-year old dealer Randolph, and they proceed to a spot to buy and then subsequently smoke. While they talk they find some small connections being made.

    The odd-couple finding common ground thing is hardly fresh territory, but yet this short makes it feel that way by virtue of how organically and slightly it develops its relationship. It is essentially a two-hander played out mostly in one or two locations, but it is the writing and the performances that make it work. The characters talk and they reveal little things that inform other things as they talk. The little hints are well observed - these are things hard to write because they are things we all notice in others but would struggle to explain or describe perhaps. These small cracks are perhaps most obvious if we see someone talk about someone that they secretly dislike - they maybe drop a different tone or phrasing when discussing them, or some physical mannerism suggests it. In this film we get little things within both characters that are clear enough to see but not clear enough that it feels obvious or forced.

    The actors deliver off these well, and they react to the little things they see too. It feels very natural and unshowy, and intimate as a result. It is not mind-blowing or deeply moving, but it is tender, simple, and effective in how it is constructed and delivered.