• If I watched fewer short films then maybe I would like proof of concepts more than I do. Such films though tend to be basic, and quite often they are not showing that the story is worth spending longer on, or that there is a massive world to explore, but rather than they can do some cool effects with limited budgets so why not give them more. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but Skywatch is not it, as it has cool shots of drones, a big celeb cameo, a topical element, and some cool threatening scale. What it doesn't offer though is anything in the way of development or depth.

    The film is slick enough for what it is, but it is never nothing more than an effects reel. The use of teenagers speaks to a Spielbergian approach, but this too is superficial in its nature and doesn't really deliver anything beyond that and it certainly doesn't deliver anything other than this link to that director. Effects are good, but it is too direct in their use, and there isn't any genuine tension, risk, or thrills. It isn't 'bad' but only because it is so produced, safe, and bland that there is little to elicit a strong feeling either way.