• Quincy came out when I was 13 years old, and I thought it was an amazing and great show. I got upset when Quincy got upset! I was sad and outraged that nobody ever saw the wisdom of his words until he could prove it with science. Nobody ever listened to Quincy, and so I understood why he always seemed to be upset.

    The stories were usually pretty good too, though sometimes they went way too far into political activism. Most of the time, they used interesting ideas and science information that was cutting edge back in the 1970s. Now some of those ideas are totally antiquated and ridiculous.

    Forty years later, I have tried to enjoy Quincy like I did when I was young, and he is just way too harsh. His abrasive personality is mean to many of the people that support him the most. Additionally, Quincy has no respect for anyone at his Medical Examiner's Office. After living a life in the real world, most of the time I am thinking about all the reasons that he should get terminated during each episode.

    Quincy violates every rule, he violates every order from his boss, Dr. Astin (played by John S. Ragin), and sometimes he breaks the law too. In the real world, Quincy would be getting fired in almost every episode of his show. That makes it hard to enjoy the show, because it is so unrealistic to believe many of the activities that Quincy engages in.

    Quincy has lost his credibility to me, and that makes the show more silly and political than interesting and entertaining. However, I will always remember him fondly. Back when I was a kid, I thought that yelling at your boss every day was pretty cool. Quincy did everything "his way," and that was alright by me.