• Amaia Salazar (Marta Etura) returns from her maternity break to be assigned to the mysterious discovery of the numerous skeletons in a cave, a fleeting reference to which was made in the first part of the Baztan Trilogy, The Invisible Guardian. Unfortunately for her, even on this occasion her disturbed past, family circle and her mother seem to be deeply involved with the sinister case.

    Amaia has to balance her time as a new mother, an ace investigator and a wife, whilst battling the demons of her past life. What she discovers is a chilling revelation of her birth, family intrigue and a devastating truth about her mother that clarifies why Amaia was treated with such acrimony by her mother that almost resulted in her choking to death on one occasion. But on this occasion, Amaia's fight is far more personal, as it's not just her, but her newborn baby that's under the threat too.

    The Legacy of The Bones pretty much ties up the loose ends left idle in the first part of the trilogy and sheds light on some more disturbing aspects of the Salazar family. The sleepy town, overcast conditions, grey skies and the murky revelations all conjure up a heady cocktail of thrill and suspense in this yet another drama noir that causes significant discomfort for the mind.