• Warning: Spoilers
    The story was really nice. Lost love. Lost family. All eventually found - but not in a typical way. Loved that she drew upon her long lost roots to learn more about herself. It was also nice that the story did not return her to the Amish way of life. That would have been unrealistic. She and her former "boyfriend" compromised - making it a story more true to life.

    A couple of negative comments: -For a successful city woman, she sure dressed frumpy. Not talking about her Amish garb ... her every day clothing made her look like an old lady. Did she really dress that way in the city and book tours dressed lije that. -Hallmark does need to find actors who better resemble each other - the sister had none of the same characteristics. Not the eyes. Not the hair. Not the facial structure. I realize sometimes family members don't look Alike - but there's usually some resemblance.