• This thing was made in 1966, there were social changes a' coming. Heck, the Beatles and dozens of other Brit bands were here; fashions/makeup and social mores were changing fast. And here is our darling young gorgeous naive Ann Margret in the Gay Paree fashion world, fending off several inexplicably straight men dying to get into her lacy undies. Everyone wearing already dated huge Dairy Queen ice-cream-cone hairdos. An eye-goggling endless fashion shows of amazing, though already dated, 'Paris Fashions' (including a hideous hideous wedding gown at the end of the fashion show). And enough dead skinned animal fur to taint the Seine blood red for a year. Every other gown/coat/pantsuit was festooned with fur. Everyone smoking like MAD (and all that fur and expensive clothes worn in nightclubs so thick with nicotine you could hardly see them). Lots of I'm-not-that-kind-of-girl slap and tickle, lots of groovy and not dancing, some OK music of the time - this was made for ladies like my aunt, about 40, and still in love with Elvis years after he peaked. Long gloves, lots of up-do hair, amazing colors, exquisite set decorations (her hotel room - to. die. for.) Just watch this silly dated thing for the eye candy. It plays, and sounds, exactly like something Doris Day would have starred in (she turned it down, wisely, being a bit long in the tooth to play a beautiful young naive virgin being solicited by the three straight men in all of the fashion world.). A lovely Sunday afternoon time-filler. Not good, but not horrible.