• So I thought I'd give it to the second episode, I wish I had not. The acting is woeful, seriously bad, how these people ever got on is beyond anyone's imagination, perhaps that is the true sci-fi/fantasy here. As for the story, well it's godawful, the usual yawn characters, the seven stone young girl, the gay kid, the misunderstood dork, the mixed race leader etc have all been done before and a lot better. It really could not get worse you think, but then the dialogue rams it home, turgid, lame and quite frankly stupid lazy writing. I won't even go into all the errors (episode 2 is rife, checkout out Elton's watch and amaze at the next line), the glaring WTF's annoy enough, mowed lawns, no dust in derelict property, rope barriers. Did the Walking Dead execs see how The 100 was basically fooling the viewer with same season over and over again (even though they left earth) and thought it they can fool the viewer's why can't we? Let's make even more moolah? Embarrassing rubbish.