• Warning: Spoilers
    I had hoped that this latest offering might possibly be different and maybe even realistic but, sadly, no.

    Typical Hallmark fare with the usual predictable characters - ditzy friend/colleague, self-absorbed boyfriend, big city girl back on the farm, old flame (a widower with an adorable kid) ignites old feelings, only this time with religion thrown into the mix.

    Apparently no one did any actual research on the Amish faith aside from dressing the actors for the part and there were errors on that as well. Living Plain is not just a way of life, it's an actual religion and was poorly portrayed.

    As always, the city girl sees the error of her ways and decides to come back to the Amish way of life to be with her childhood crush. There was a passing reference to her never having been shunned but that makes no sense unless she struck out on her own in her mid teens. Since most Amish girls are lucky to make it past the 8th grade it makes no sense that she miraculously became a renowned travel writer out of the blue. After rumpringa in their late teens, the young people have to decide to leave the community and go out on their own or be baptized and stay. If they leave at any time after baptism, they are shunned and have no further contact with the family.

    Katrina acted like returning to the Amish way of life was just changing a costume and remembering a recipe. Way to blow off a whole lifestyle, Hallmark.

    And she didn't bat an eye knowing that shunning would be the case after Isaac decides to leave. He was turning away from a lifetime of religious beliefs and denying his daughter any further contact with lifelong friends and family. But, hey, it was True Love.

    The whiplash changes in character are never addressed either. In five minutes, Miriam goes from refusing to touch her sister to suddenly loving her. And nobody in the Amish faith would ever condone, let alone encourage, a member of their community to leave.

    Hallmark is in dire need fo some new writers. Ones that have fresh ideas and also do some research to make their stories believable. This was neither.