• Warning: Spoilers
    "The Walking Dead" gets a "Famous Five" style make over as the "team" of intrepid youths, face's off against a zombie apocalypse.

    Well, actually its the fame-less four, in this fall flat teenie spin off. Its an instant failure, primarily because its entirely the wrong setting for this kind of coming of age, youth adventure drama.

    The result is farcical in every sense. Glow in the dark, not so terrifying zombies, who shuffle and moan at the foot of a tree house, where the teenie team of four are playing Monopoly. Thankfully the "empties' as they are called are few and far between, so the youth wont get munched on, compliments of a giant tyre fire. Seriously, who writes this stuff?

    Is there an upside? Well you could count quality production values, decent special effects, cinematography and reasonable acting. That said, these things should come with the territory, given this is a mainstream series.

    In short, a bizarre mismatch, in every sense that matters.