• Ann-Margret plays Maggie Scott, an employee of a NYC fashion salon who has ambitions of moving up in the industry. An unexpected turn of events gives her the opportunity to travel to Paris as a buyer for her firm at the launch of top designer Marc Fontaine's new line. It is arranged for her to meet Herb Stone (Richard Crenna) there so he can act as tour guide and protector. But when she gets to Paris, a misunderstanding leads to a farcical confrontation with Marc Fontaine himself.

    Though the fashions might be considered sophisticated, the plot of "Made in Paris" is rather basic. Worldly Herb predicts, when she first arrives in the City of Lights, that she will "go ape". And so she predictably unravels at times, while trying to establish credibility in her job.

    But Maggie Scott is a flawed character. As she tries to juggle three men, her character acts erratically, blowing hot and cold without any justification or consistency. Still, Ann-Margret has the obligatory dance sequence, where she jerks and frugs splendidly.

    You might swear that some of the scenes were filmed in Paris, but the entire production was filmed in California. And it's worth a look, especially if you are a fan of Ann-Margret.