• Warning: Spoilers
    The writers of this movie have obviously never lived near or know any Amish from the terrible way they were portrayed in the movie. First off, the main character knew the conservative way Amish women dress, esp. when they are around Amish men yet choose to wear a sleeveless dress to the reading of her father's will? When trying to fit in by putting on an Amish dress, the character also should have known that she would have needed to pull back her bangs and tuck/clip them under her bonnet and didn't bother. An Amish woman knows that no one sees her hair unless it is her husband. The community was portrayed as being conservative yet the main character's sister wore a short sleeve dress? That's not realistic. Amish women wear long sleeve dresses at all times and possible 3/4" if it's a more modern community. But never short sleeve.

    Let's talk about the main male character now... married Amish men let their beards grow yet his was short? That's not realistic either. And at the end of the movie, he is shown without a hat and has a modern hairstyle? Again, not realistic. Amish men have their hair cut with bangs in a straight, bowl style cut.

    Amish use oil lamps for lighting but not once do you see the Bed and Breakfast have any of those. Only candles. Hello Hallmark? This is a movie about Amish life, not life in the 16th century!

    The movie wasn't even realistic. It's very hard to believe the Amish sister would have encouraged her sister to go back to living in the modern world instead of rejoining the church. Esp. since they now had a good relationship and knowing if they left he would be shunned permanently. It was hard to believe the main character would ask/expect him to leave the Amish community to marry her knowing he would be shunned and could never return to visit any family or friends. Meaning if she ever came back to visit her sister in private, he would never be allowed to join her. And we are to believe that love would truly be enough for him to waltz right into the modern world and accept it for both his daughter and himself? Doubtful.

    A better and more realistic ending would have been for her to come back and rejoin the church. She already admitted in the movie that she saw the world through travel and experience and still felt empty. It didn't take much for her to be comfortable in that lifestyle again. Then she would have community and he would have not been shunned. She could also have a closer relationship with her sister which she was wanting anyway.