• I wanted to finally settle down and relax on a Friday night and start watching the movies I have saved on my NETFLIX and ended watching this Indie film "Last Moment Of Clarity" and at first, I thought it was all in French with English subtitles because the movie listed it as French, but this was not the case. I was a little skeptical about this movie, although when I started it, the opening credits certainly play out over the familiar-looking "wall of crazy," and the movie had its TV staple of dedicated investigators and the wall of photograph with news clippings pinned to a board and connected by red strands of string. It is DEFINITELY a clichéd way to signal that a character is a single-minded obsessive, and there's every reason to believe that main character, Sam (Zach Avery), is a bit unhinged. When we first see him, he's waking up and suddenly springing upright in bed brandishing a weapon at a nonexistent enemy. He accosts a random pedestrian he believes is following him and one day at the movie theater, he sees an actress onscreen he becomes convinced is his ex-girlfriend, Georgia (Samara Weaving). So, the movie begins and you're hooked. Love the actress who plays Kat (Carly Chaikin) and you put a gun in her hand and she's a deadly weapon, herself. This movie is definitely worth a 7! Only reason I gave it such a low rating is because the movie is slow at the beginning, but it does build up tension to its final moments.