• I have a hard time assessing this from the lens of a teen. Being... well... somewhat past my teenage years, I can't presume to speak for the predominant mindset and culture of that demographic. I can only speak for myself... and I will.

    To me, this show was seriously lacking in depth, complexity, intelligence, sensibility --- even redeemable action or superficial excitement (or fun). Not only is the plot centered around a bunch of teens, but they seem to think like teens, and make stupid typical teen mistakes. The problem is, in TWD universe -- they'd be DEAD. There was nothing uncanny about them, their skills, or their situation which made it seem plausible.

    Now, I've seen show aimed at teens or kids, which I truly enjoyed. Either they were more deeply layered, or had fun/excitement/action, or were just plain funny enough, to be enjoyable. I don't see those redeeming complexities, here.

    I actually wanted to enjoy this. I gave it a shot -- but I just can't. Some shows, I might say "it's not for me, but give it a shot, maybe it's more your cup of tea." But not this one. UNLESS, of course, you are in that youthful demographic. Maybe the perception of the modern young person is different enough to like this. After all, someone makes Kardashians and other reality shows popular. But if you're at all like me -- you'll wish you'd just passed it by.